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The cold is departing. It’s now time to turn your attention  to outdoor living. For those who own a swimming pool, you’ll want to inspect, test, and open your pool before the heat of summer arrives.

Now is the best time to contact your pool service company for possible early bird discounts on service contracts for opening your pool and weekly visits to clean and check your pool. You’ll be best served by engaging a company to open your pool with a Certified Service Technician® or more experienced Certified Service Professional®. You’ll want to hire a Certified Maintenance Specialist® to maintain your pool. Here at Aquatic Pool Management, we offer both these services conducted by experienced professionals.

Call today to set your appointment in time for the spring events at your home. Some of the top benefits of hiring a pool professional are explained below. The most important benefit is having a knowledgeable, factory trained professional who knows what to look for when it comes to caring for your pool.

What Goes On In Your Pool?

A contemporary swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable places in your home. While your pool may seem essentially a simple thing, it has complex equipment and uniquely designed plumbing that are crucial to its proper operation and cleanliness. A well-designed and crafted pool appears as part of the natural environment — and this is part of the charm you want to enjoy.

However, a modern pool has sophisticated technological equipment to give you the impression of its simplicity. Pool equipment is largely kept out of sight, so you are able to bask in your backyard without giving a thought to how your pool works. A company with Certified Service Technician® to open your pool assures you that you have factory trained pros to repair filters, pumps, heaters, controls, and any of the pool equipment you have in your backyard. When it comes to your pool’s weekly maintenance, a company with a factory trained Certified Maintenance Specialist® assures that your pool company follows the industry’s best practices.

Here at Aquatic Pool Management we are committed to the highest standards of service, performance, and ethical conduct. That is why we go through the rigorous training and examinations to maintain all our APSP Certified Professional ratings.

Who Qualifies A Pool Professional?

To ease your mind and secure your summer, it makes good sense to hire a company with professional certifications to maintain, service, and build your pool. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) is the international association that helps set standards for the professionalism of its membership. Like any similar professional organization, APSP established a code of ethics for its membership to ensure consumers of what they can expect from their pool company. APSP is the certifying agency for Certified Maintenance Specialist®, Certified Service Technician®, Certified Service Professional®, Certified Building Professional®, and (for commercial pools) Certifed Pool Operator®.

You are provided an extra layer of validation when the company you hire abides by APSP’s requirements. These policies include a top priority of contributing to the health, safety, and welfare of the public in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and operation of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. APSP members are required to follow all laws and legal regulations, to be properly insured, to work with written contracts, and to properly address customer concerns.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific aspects of your pool care that are best served by a trained, certified pool professional.



Your pump keeps the water in your pool moving. Stagnant water would breed problems for your pool. If you’ve ever seen the water in a pool get murky or even green with algae, you would not want to dive into that pool. Water requires movement in order to keep clean. A properly operating and efficient variable speed pump does much to keep your pool clean and greatly lowers your energy costs.

Movement is not enough to keep your pool sparkling. You also need to have clean and functional filters. Dirty filters slow the water flow and increase the amount of energy required to move the water through the increasingly clogged filters.



There are different types of filters for pools. All of them require proper service to make certain they’re working properly. There are cartridge filters, which can be hosed off when dirty. There are sand filters and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters that require backwashing — a treatment that involves flushing the filter by running water in the reverse direction to eliminate all the dirt and contaminants that the filter has collected since its last service. Sand filters need to be replaced every 5-7 years. After backwashing, DE filters can be recharged by adding more DE powder.

All types of filters need service to make sure they continue to keep your pool water in pristine condition. Clean water also helps preserve the finish of your pool lining. Whether the surface finish of your pool is Gunite (cement), or vinyl, cleaner well-balanced water will ensure the life of your pool.


Pool Maintenance

A maintenance professional will look over your pool for potential problems before they arise. He or she will also test the water in your pool for the correct pH balance and cleanliness. Remember, there are invisible things that accumulate in pool water that need to be treated before causing any harm or damage. A pool professional will be able to identify discoloration and minor damage to your pool and advise you on a course of action to fix any issues before they grow into more serious problems. Skimmers, drains, coping, tiles, and decking as well as all pool equipment and automation instruments are checked as part of the weekly visit. When you hire a professionally trained and certified company, you can rely on them for your pool’s proper maintenance.


Pool Openings and Closings

Here in the Northeast, we have swim seasons and then colder months when outdoor pools are closed and protected from the weather. As spring approaches it is time to open your pool. After the winter when the pool was covered and its still water hidden from view, spring is the time to uncover your pool and reveal its shimmering surface. As human beings our bodies are 70% water and most of us love to be able to view water and its ever-changing appearance. Once you’ve opened your pool for the season — even if it’s not time to jump in the water— you can enjoy sitting poolside or looking out your windows and appreciating the aesthetics of your pool.


Pool Covers

Winter covers need to be stored properly so they can be used year after year. APSP Certified Professional pool service companies will offer pool cover storage for you, so you are free from having to find the space to keep it safe until next autumn. Improper care by storing a damp pool cover can lead to mold and mildew damage. Conversely, a properly stored pool cover will last for years.


Now, Relax and Enjoy

Now that you’re clear about keeping your pool clean and running flawlessly, consider which company is best for your home. You deserve a company that has been in business for at least 15-20 years, with a reputation and history of great service, and requires all of its pool technicians to become certified with APSP.

The swimming pool and spa industry’s APSP Certified Professionals verify their skills, knowledge, and training by passing APSP’s courses and exams. By maintaining these certifications a company demonstrates its commitment to continuing professional education in industry developments, and operating according to best practices.

When you engage those types of professionals to service your swimming pool, you can then sit back and enjoy your finest home accessory.

Our Offers

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